About Us

Hand made,

one piece at a time.


We love making jewelry.

It’s been a natural collaboration from the beginning. The two of us at our respective jewelry benches, sketching out new ideas, making prototypes, seeing each one slowly come to life. It would be inaccurate to attribute any design to just one of us, it’s always been a team effort brainstorming new concepts and boiling them down to a completed piece. We still work this way even today, informal daily critiques, always improving, seeing how we can make better jewelry. This simple process ultimately shapes what you see in our store showcases and the pages of this website. We are excited to share our new work with you. We hope you like what we’ve been up to.  Stay tuned. There’s always something new around the bend.

Matthew Baxter & Matthew Moerman


Inspiration Strikes

We are often asked how a design gets from our sketchpad to a finished piece. Honestly, it’s a fairly even mix of right brain and left brain thinking. Most often we start with an inspiring gemstone, and build the design around it, letting the gem’s specific shape and color palette dictate what comes next. Sometimes we’re trying to solve a frustrating problem of functionality. Other times it’s an aesthetic problem we’re dead set on perfecting. There’s always a push and pull between form and function. Creating a beautiful design that feels natural, like it has always existed, this is the challenge that keeps us engaged.

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